Naked Beard Kit

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Naked Beard Kit

Fact: beards are awesome. A well-groomed man sporting facial hair is mysterious, sexy, and completely irresistible. Emphasis on the “well-groomed” bit. Guys, come on. You spend all of that time growing the beard – shouldn’t you take 30 seconds out of your day to maintain it?

Whether you’re rocking scruff or a full on Grizzly Adams, these products are an absolute must-have to keep your facial tresses tamed and smooth. Made from a blend of high quality oils our beard products are formulated to keep your beard game on point.

This is a collection of beard and hair products for the purists among us.  There are no added scents or essential oils - the scents are completely au naturale. 

It comes ready to gift in the perfect box and includes:

Handcrafted soap - This soap is created with oils which are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients essential to healthy skin.

Beard oil - Benefits of beard oil:

  • Softens the facial hair (your significant other will thank you)
  • Controls frizz and fly-aways
  • Moisturizes the skin beneath, eliminating itchiness and ingrown hairs
  • Leaves beard smooth and shiny
  • Protects the beard and leaves it smelling fresh

Best of all, this is achieved without leaving a greasy or sticky mess behind – just a smooth, shiny, healthy, head-turning beard.

Beard balm - Beard balms are designed to condition the beard, nourish the skin beneath, and control beard frizz. Non-greasy yet super smooth – this beard balm provides shine and helps your beard look and feel awesome and healthy.  Our beard balm is created with skin and hair nourishing oils including argan, jojoba, coconut, and vitamin E.

Hair pomade - Your hair shouldn't be left out!  Our hair pomade are made with high quality butters and oils - combined for a low shine, medium hold product with serious staying power.  This is a crunch free product that allows you to restyle as needed throughout the day.

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