Devious Lotion Bar

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Devious Lotion Bar

Unleash the devious side of skin care with our Devious Lotion Bar - crafted from natural ingredients to quench your skins thirst for hydration, moisturization and ultimate pampering.

The Devious Lotion Bar is not just another beauty product - it's a luxurious experience that your skin deserves. Devious lotion bar has a scent that is playful and passionate and captures the essence of the feminine. It is a fruity blend of pomegranate combined with peach and apples. Red peony, red osmanthus, and marigold comprise the mid-notes of this blend, while the base will intoxicate you with notes of rum-vanilla, marshmallow, and woody oak. From dryness to dullness, this lotion bar has got you covered with its potent blend of botanical extracts designed to leave your skin looking healthy, radiant, and revitalized. And with no harmful additives or synthetic fragrances in sight - only pure goodness straight from nature- you can trust that every swipe brings nothing but gentle yet effective results. Incorporate the Devious Lotion Bar into your daily regimen for softer, smoother-looking skin that radiates confidence!

  • Devious Lotion Bar's natural ingredients work to provide your skin with deep hydration and moisturization, leaving it feeling soft and supple
  • Experience the luxurious sensation of pampering yourself with Devious Lotion Bar's hydrating power that rejuvenates your skin after every use

This all natural, water-less lotion bar is brimming with natural oils and emollients.  The beeswax in the lotion bar helps create a moisture barrier that helps protect your skin, ideal for frequent handwashers.

Our solid lotion bars are packaged in convenient twist up containers and come in a variety of fragrances. They come in two convenient sizes - 0.5 oz which is perfect for your pocket, purse, desk, or gym bag and 2.5 oz which works well to use as an all-natural all-over body moisturizer or massage bar. 

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