Minnesota Meadows Wax Melts

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Minnesota Meadows Wax Melts

For a fragrant journey through Minnesota Meadows, light up our Wax Melts!

Minnesota Meadows Wax Melts offer a unique and delightful aroma that will fill your home with the scent of a fresh, sun-kissed meadow. The scent is like a warm sunny morning in spring, when you walk through wet green grass with wildflowers. Each melt is handcrafted using only the finest ingredients to ensure you get the most vibrant scent possible that will last for hours on end. With their long lasting fragrance, they’re sure to add atmosphere and ambiance to any room while creating a peaceful environment at home or work. Enjoy Minnesota Meadows Wax Melts today!

  • Minnesota Meadows Wax Melts are a easy to use
  • Long lasting aroma

Make and space smell better in minutes with these high quality wax melts. Simply add wax melt tp any electric or non electric warmer and enjoy.

Each package contains 6 melts and weighs 2.9 oz.

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