Paradise Lotion Bar

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Paradise Lotion Bar

Experience the blissful hydration of Paradise Lotion Bar, crafted with natural ingredients to soothe and moisturize your skin

The Paradise Lotion Bar is an epitome of luxury and skin pampering. Its natural and organic ingredients ensure excellent hydration, deep moisturization, and protection against environmental stressors. The scent is a perfect blend of star fruit, plumeria, water lily, coconut and white musk. With Shea Butter as a primary ingredient, the lotion bar imparts immediate relief to parched skin while creating a protective barrier that locks in moisture for longer periods. Crafted with pristine care using Beeswax and other essential oils, this exceptional product offers a sensorial experience beyond compare. It glides on smoothly on your skin leaving it feeling soft, velvety smooth while infusing your senses with understated notes of honeycomb creaminess that are sure to delight you every time you use it. Choose the Paradise Lotion Bar today for an indulgent beauty routine without any harsh chemicals or preservatives - all-natural goodness at its best!

  • Our commitment to using only safe, nontoxic ingredients ensures that even people with sensitive skin can enjoy the benefits of our Paradise Lotion Bar
  • Regular use of this lotion bar will leave your skin feeling softer, smoother, and more radiant than ever beforea true testament to its effectiveness

This all natural, water-less lotion bar is brimming with natural oils and emollients.  The beeswax in the lotion bar helps create a moisture barrier that helps protect your skin, ideal for frequent handwashers.

Our solid lotion bars are packaged in convenient twist up containers and come in a variety of fragrances. They come in two convenient sizes - 0.5 oz which is perfect for your pocket, purse, desk, or gym bag and 2.5 oz which works well to use as an all-natural all-over body moisturizer or massage bar. 

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