Season of Splendor Wax Melt

Haigh's Honey Farm

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Season of Splendor Wax Melt

A Symphony of Luxurious Notes:

Indulge in the harmonious symphony of Season of Splendor, where each note is carefully curated to create an olfactory masterpiece. Rich and complex, this fragrance weaves together opulent layers, inviting you to experience a tapestry of luxurious scents. A holiday favorite starts with the aroma of wintery apples with notes of warm cinnamon and spicy clove.  At the heart of this scent, the aroma of pine and hints of citrus sitting on a base of warm cedarwood and musk bring Christmas alive in your products all year long!

Make any space smell better in minutes with these high quality wax melts. Simply add wax melt to any electric or non-electric warmer and enjoy. 

Each package contains 6 melts and weighs 2.9 oz.

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