Suns Out Bums Out Sugar Scrub

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Suns Out Bums Out Sugar Scrub

Sunny days call for sweet scrubbing with Suns Out Bums Out Sugar Scrub! 

The sun is shining, and the summer days are here. The world has been waiting for this moment all year, but now you can finally make the most of it! With Suns Out Bums Sugar Scrub, you can ensure that your skin is as smooth and healthy as possible while still enjoying the sunshine. This sugar scrub exfoliates gently with sugar crystals to remove dirt and debris from deep within pores. The scent combines juicy mandarin, sand jasmine, and refreshing oceanic mist.   Don’t let another summer pass by without giving yourself some much-needed pampering: give Suns Out Bums Out Sugar Scrub a try today! 

  • You can use it everyday to keep your body feeling soft & smooth

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