Warm Vanilla + Honey Body Butter

Haigh's Honey Farm

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Warm Vanilla + Honey Body Butter

Indulge your skin in a velvety embrace with our Warm Vanilla + Honey Body Butter. Meticulously crafted with a luscious blend of shea, cocoa, and mango butters, combined with skin-loving oils, this decadent formula delivers an unrivaled moisturizing experience. Immerse yourself in the pure luxury of this rich body butter, designed to leave your skin deeply nourished and irresistibly smooth.

The scent profile of Warm Vanilla + Honey is a symphony of warmth and sweetness. A delightful blend of warm vanilla with a musky back note sets the stage, creating an inviting aroma that lingers gently. The addition of the fresh aroma of hawthorne adds a layer of complexity, while nuances of creamy French vanilla and soy milk add a comforting touch. The fragrance journey concludes with a base note of nutty almond, leaving an alluring trail that captivates the senses.

More than a body butter, this creation is an invitation to envelop yourself in the luxurious essence of Warm Vanilla + Honey. Let the velvety texture and captivating fragrance transform your skincare routine into a daily ritual of indulgence. Embrace the warmth, sweetness, and nourishment this body butter provides, and treat your skin to the care it truly deserves.

    Body butters are ideal for those with dry skin, as they're thicker and often offer more intense hydration. All of our body butters are handmade in small batches with shea, mango, and cocoa butters along with skin loving oils to deeply moisturize. This body butter is heat stable - which means it can withstand higher temperatures before melting.

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