Zen Escape Bubbling Bath Bomb

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Zen Escape Bubbling Bath Bomb

Indulge in a bubbling oasis of relaxation with our Zen Escape Bath Bomb

The Zen Escape Bubbling Bath Bomb is the ultimate relaxation solution to soothe your mind and body. Immerse yourself in a luxurious bath experience by dropping this bubbling bath bomb into your bathtub and watch it fizz away, releasing a calming scent that will transport you to a serene oasis. The aroma seeps into the Red Wood Forest, Misty Moos, and Patchouli gently glide over Sandal Trees as the White Musky Clouds dampen the Amber Glow. With Dead sea salt you can indulge in the therapeutic benefits of our unique formula designed to make every use feel like an escape from reality. Sink deeper into tranquility as bubbles surround and caress you; the perfect way to unwind after a long day or week. The fragrant aroma permeates throughout creating an environment where you can decompress both mentally and physically, leaving you rejuvenated for whatever lies ahead. Add this bubbling bath bomb to your weekly routine for lasting relaxation beyond just one wash - stay refreshed whenever life gets overwhelming!

  • Our Zen Escape Bubbling Bath Bomb delivers a luxurious bubble bath experience that promotes relaxation and eases stress, helping you unwind after a long day
  • The effervescent bubbles created by our Zen Escape Bubbling Bath Bomb help to soften skin while providing deep hydration for lasting moisturization

To use, simply drop in a tub of warm water and let the fizz, bubbles, and aroma take you to a state of relaxation.

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