How I started on this adventure....

Jacquelyn Haigh

I started keeping bees to help with pollination of my summer plants and fruit trees.  You could say I was a bit obsessed the first summer!  The bees were fascinating and I had so much to learn.  I was fortunate enough to get some honey the first year.  I gave the honey away to friends and family.  Soon they were asking for more, so I decided to get more hives the second year - and I again was blessed with honey. 

After harvesting the honey I had all this beeswax.  Not wanting anything to go to waste, I began researching what I should do with the beeswax, which led to lip balm, lotion, and body scrub.  Then I discovered SOAP!  The soap was beautiful and oh so practical - everyone needs to wash (or they should).  I have been making these products since early 2017 - testing different recipes, researching, and experimenting.  I have several friends and family members who graciously agreed to help me test products - they had to take the good with the bad, everything was NOT a success the first time. ;)   

Discovering beekeeping and the opportunity to use every aspect of the hive has been a wonderful experience.  I am LOVING the creative outlet soap making and creating good-for-your-skin body products!  I look forward to taking this journey to the next level by creating this business and sharing my passion with you.