Handcrafted Soap

I have created a variety of soaps to meet a variety of skin and cleansing needs.  

The Classics - This is a collection of soaps our most popular soaps.  I strive to keep them on hand throughout the year.  Admittedly, this collection may change a bit from year to year, based on popularity and availability of the raw materials needed for creating these.

Milk soaps - These soaps are created with a variety of milks from cow's milk, goat milk, coconut milk, almond milk, or heavy cream.

Charcoal soaps - Activated charcoal has many skin benefits.... these soaps are created 

Loofah soap - These soaps are created with a natural loofah embedded within the soap.  These are great for exfoliating while cleansing.

Shave soap bar - 

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