Bubble Scoops

Bubble scoops are all the rage, and no wonder - It is a little eco-friendly scoop of solid bubble bath, when crumbled under running water packs an incredible fragrance and a bath tub full of skin-loving bubbles.

These bubble scoops are not meant to float.  They are packed with skin loving oils and because of this, they cannot hold their weight on top of the water.

The best way to get the most out of your bubble scoop:

Run your bath water at the desired temperature.  At less than half full, place the bubble scoop in the water close to the faucet.  For even more bubbles, crumble it under running water or hang it over the faucet in the organza bag that came with your order and let the water run over it and create massive bubbles!

Caution:  The bubble scoops contain cocoa butter and while they are designed to emulsify with the water, they may make your tub a bit slippery.

***The scents change often, so if there are some you have your eye on, don't hesitate***