Candy Cane Wax Melts

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Candy Cane Wax Melts

Unwrap the sweet scent of Candy Canes with Wax Melts!

Candy Cane Wax Melts are the perfect way to bring the sweet smell of Christmas into your home. Close your eyes and take a deep breath....imagine - Fresh peppermint leaves, sweet ripened strawberries on a dry down of vanilla. Ahhhh, refreshing and conjures up those pleasant holiday memories.The lovely aromas will fill any room in your house with a delightful holiday scent that will help you get into the spirit of Christmas even if it's not snowing outside! Plus, these adorable little wax melts make great gifts too! Whether you choose to use them as part of your own holiday decorations or give them away as presents, these cute little wax melts are sure to put everyone in a cheerful mood this season! So go ahead and spread some festive cheer around by adding these unique scented pieces to your home décor collection today! Be sure to check out the candle with the same name.

  • A festive and inviting scent to bring holiday cheer into the home
  • Long lasting aroma that adds a cozy ambiance

Make any space smell better in minutes with these high quality wax melts. Simply add wax melt to any electric or non-electric warmer and enjoy. 

Each package contains 6 melts and weighs 2.9 oz.

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