Cinnamon Bun Wax Melts

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Cinnamon Bun Wax Melts

Cinnamon Bun Wax Melts - Sweet Scent, No Calories! 
These Cinnamon Bun Wax Melts are the perfect way to fill your home with a comforting, sweet aroma. Enjoy the warm, spicy-sweet fragrance of freshly baked cinnamon buns without having to turn on your oven! Just pop one melt in your favorite wax warmer, and you’ll be surrounded by a delicious smell that will make everyone feel at home. These wax melts are perfect for any occasion; light them up during cozy evenings with friends or bring out the festive spirit during special occasions like Christmas dinner or game night!  This is a spicy cinnamon accord with warm nutty undertones along with the aroma of fresh baked bread. 

  • Allowing for a clean burn with minimal smoke and soot emission when lit
  • Has an inviting scent of warm cinnamon buns, making any space smell delicious and comforting
  • One single cube can effectively make a space smell better

Make any space smell better in minutes with these high quality wax melts.  Simply add wax melt to any electric or non-electric warmer and enjoy. 
Each package contains 6 melts and weighs 2.9 oz.

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