Citrus Bliss Solid Dish Soap

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Citrus Bliss Solid Dish Soap
Citrus Bliss Solid Dish Soap
Citrus Bliss Solid Dish Soap
Citrus Bliss Solid Dish Soap
Citrus Bliss Solid Dish Soap

This soap is a fresh, bright citrus scent.

This solid dish soap is changing the game.  It lathers well, cuts through dirt and grime, and utilizes essential oils that leave your items looking and smelling squeaky clean.  One bar can replace approximately 2-3 bottles of traditional dish soap.  

We have a variety of buying options for our solid dish soap to meet your needs.  

Dish soap set - This comes packaged in a gift box and includes a 7 ounce solid dish soap, bamboo scrub brush, and a handmade scrubbie

Individual tin - The solid dish soap comes in a tin that you can reuse for almost anything #zerowaste

Solid dish soap refill - No need to purchase another tin, simply drop in a refill into your existing tin.

How to use:  Wet your dish brush or cloth and rub it on our dish soap, be sure to repeat if more soap is needed.  If you like a sink of bubbles, simply rub your cloth or brush on the soap under running water and let the soapy water goodness pour into your sink.  After a few uses you can pop the soap our of the tin and leave it on a soap lift or turn it upside down on the soap lift.  

Things to note:

  • Hand poured in small batches
  • Safe for septic
  • Size: 7 ounces
  • 100% plastic free
  • End of life - The soap can be used until gone, but it is completely compostable in backyard composting.  The tin can be recycled in curbside recycling.

 We also have handmade dish scrubbies for sale, just in case you are like me and need LOTS of them (I love to color coordinate them with the seasons).

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