Hiking Trails Room/Linen Spray

Haigh's Honey Farm

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Hiking Trails Room/Linen Spray

Take the scent of your favorite hike with you wherever you go! 
After a long, hard day of hiking up the trails, there's nothing quite like collapsing into bed with the gentle scent of nature wafting through your bedroom. Now you can experience that same feeling every night with Hiking Trails Room/Linen Spray! This natural blend of essential oils and botanicals will bring all the beauty and freshness from your outdoor adventures right to your home. Plus it's easy to use - just spritz a few sprays onto pillows or sheets for an instant calming effect before drifting off into deep sleep. So get out there and explore - then come back home to enjoy sweet dreams with Hiking Trails Room/Linen Spray! An adventurous blend of aromatic mountain air. Fresh sage and cool eucalyptus are highlighted with hints of cinnamon, complex tonka and rounded out with smoke embers.

  • Natural essential oils create a fresh, invigorating scent to evoke feelings of the outdoors
  • Deter bad odors and freshen up any room
  • Room spray can be used before or after guests check out
  • Long lasting effects
  • Creates calming and inviting atmosphere

How to use:  Shake well before each use.  Generously mist throughout the air and/or onto linens and pillows.  Always test first when spraying onto fabrics. 

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