Indulge 4 oz Lotion Candle

Haigh's Honey Farm

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Indulge 4 oz Lotion Candle

This lotion/massage candle is hand crafted and created with skin softening butters, oils, and waxes.  It is hand-poured and lightly scented.  These candles will scent a small room such as a bedroom or bathroom.

This is scent is my favorite of the lotion candles - I know, just like children, I really shouldn't have a favorite, but I do (candle that is, not child) and this is it.  This is a complicated, yet soothing and sexy scent all rolled into one.  It starts with bergamot and sandalwood, then it is kissed with lavender and vanilla, all sitting on a base with hints of patchouli - really is amazing and was hands down a fave with the testers also. 

To use, simply light the candle for 15-30 minutes to allow the candle to develop a melt pool then carefully extinguish the candle.  You can either pour the melted candle directly onto the skin or apply it with your fingertips and massage it in.


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