Radiant Sands Room/Linen Spray

Haigh's Honey Farm

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Radiant Sands Room/Linen Spray

Introducing 'Radiant Sands,' our handcrafted room/linen spray that encapsulates the essence of sun-drenched escapism. Immerse your space in the enchanting fragrance, a perfect ode to spring dreams of warm weather. The scent unfolds with hearty notes of amber sands, coconut, and tuberose, transporting you to a place of tranquility and indulgence. Close your eyes and let the aroma capture the nostalgia of carefree vacations, drawing you away to a world of warmth and luxury. Elevate your surroundings with 'Radiant Sands,' where every spritz is a journey to a radiant oasis.

It's easy to use and safe for fabrics, so you can mist it on furniture, curtains, pillows or other linens without worry. 

  • Refreshing and pleasant aroma
  • Long lasting effects
  • Creates calming and inviting atmosphere

How to use:  Shake well before each use.  Generously mist throughout the air and/or onto linens and pillows.  Always test first when spraying onto fabrics. 

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