Sunkissed Bath Bomb

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Sunkissed Bath Bomb

Allow yourself to sink into a bubbling paradise with our Sunkissed Bath Bomb - an indulgent escape for your senses. With the sun shining down on you, let the therapeutic benefits of this luxurious bath bomb transport you to a state of deep relaxation. Soak in its rejuvenating aromas and emerge feeling renewed and refreshed

Immerse yourself in a world of total relaxation with our Sunkissed Bath Bomb. This luxurious product is designed to transport you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, immersing you in an exquisite bath time experience that leaves you feeling energized, renewed and rejuvenated. The scent is a warm pistachio and coconut cream and a kiss of salted caramel harmonize beautifully with tonka and exotic musks. Our soothing formula is packed with natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for their therapeutic benefits. Whether it's your muscles feeling sore or just needing some Zen time alone, this bubbling bath bomb will deliver exactly what you need. The effervescence it creates helps stimulate blood circulation while easing nervous system tensions resulting in an ultimate bathing experience where mind and body are perfectly aligned. With its delightful aroma filling your senses throughout the soak, this luxury item pairs elegantly as part of your beauty ritual ultimately helping restore balance within yourself--mindfully starting each day!

  • With its therapeutic benefits, this bath bomb can help alleviate tension in your muscles and promote a sense of calmness throughout your body
  • Enjoy the bubbling sensation as you soak in the luxurious aroma that will transport you to a peaceful state of mind
  • This bath bomb contains natural ingredients that work together to nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling soft and rejuvenated with every use

To use, simply drop in a tub of warm water and let the fizz, bubbles, and aroma take you to a state of relaxation.

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